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aawEX-525, 36x80x1-3/4, Single Entry Door, Pre-Hung, Pre-Finish, $1,100, Overstock Sales.


1)  6'-8" (80"H) Widths:  30", 32", 36", 42"

2)  8'-0" (96"H) Widths:  36", for other sizes, Special Order

84"H or 7'-0" Doors:  Special Order

Side Lights:  12"x80",12"x96", 18"x96", for other sizes, send your inquiry to:

Transoms:  5'-0" (60"), for other sizes, send your inquiry to:

This model can be:  Single Door, Double Door, Single Door Double Side Lights, Double Door with Transom, Double Door Double Side Lights with Transom, or other than that, send your inquiry to:

To inquire Pre-hung, Pre-finishing, Custom Pre-finishing Colors, and Shipping, please send email to: