Back   ART NOUVEAU  AN-2001:  This is Solid Mahogany Wood Entry Door, we offer Brazilian Mahogany Wood either without or with Distress,  72"w x 96"h x 1-3/4", (6'-0"w x 8'-0"h), one size only, Obscured Tempered Glass, Hand Crafted Black Forged Iron, all Forged Iron work and hardware is handcrafted, Carving is done by master carvers (slightly vary from door to door), Doors have operable windows.  This beautiful solid wood door gives the high-end custom homes an elegant look, it is the 2009 new model.













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EZ-Set Richmond Interconnected Handle Set, Philadelphia Hardware


There is only one size 36 x 96 x 1-3/4 per door, it comes with pre-hung 72 x 96 with 5-1/4"w jambs, lock handle set is included.  You can view our beautiful door locks at, EZ-Set Richmond Interconnected Handle Set

Our pre-finishing offers weather proof top coat to protect the doors from extreme weather, such as weather is too hot, too much and long-hour sun light, rain, or strong wind.  Our stain color will not fade, crack, chip, or will not wear and tear much within a long time, most doors stained by other companies last only 3-12 months, and will need maintenance, our stain has low maintenance.  We seal the doors to prevent termites.